About me

An interview with Antonio Frongia


Question: Hi, very nice to meet you. Wanna tell us a bit about yourself?

Answer: Sure! I was born in Italy, but during the last 17 years, I lived in Spain, UK, Germany and the US. I speak Italian, English, Spanish. At school, I studied things like Ancient Greek and philosophy, and I graduated in Literature. Immediately after University, I worked as a freelance translator, but I have been working in IT for the last eight years.

Q: Why such change?

A: Mmmhhh... let me think. First of all the money in IT is considerably more attractive than working in a school; the other reason is that I love technology. 

Q: And now strategy. Why?

A: Advertising has always been a thing to me, but the primary driver is that people and human behaviour fascinate me. 

Q: Can you explain more in detail?

A: Of course. I genuinely believe that every person is unique, but at the same time we all follow specific behavioural patterns and fall into one particular macro-category. Hence the desire of understanding and being able to influence those behaviours.

Q: Tell us one thing that you love.

A: I am a passionate scuba-diver. I love the ocean and what's inside. I am also a sharks preservation activist.

Q: And now something that you hate...

A: Cheese, of course!  I hate lactose and all its derivates.

Q: An Italian who doesn't eat cheese? That's weird!

A: Not so strange. Actually, we represent 2,5% of the entire population. We are more than just a weird niche market, right?

Q: Well, I guess you are right! Do you want to add anything else for the people who will be reading this? 

A: Yes, why not! Hit the button below and let’s discuss new exciting projects!