Opportunity analysis 
Consumer behaviour analysis
Market research 
Identification of target

The challenge

The heavy players say: “You hear Madden and you know exactly what it is - a game for bros and jocks. It’s sleepy, there is no energy, no emotional inspiration and it has lost its soul and identity that once made the brand great”. The light/lapsed player think that Madden is too complicated and too strategy focused. As a result, the game sales are flat.

Historical content

Madden is one of the best selling video game of all time. Ranking as top 5 selling title in North America for 18 years straight, the annual console game launch has been widely celebrated as un underlying moment to the start of the new NFL season. 


The research

What impact have video games on your kids?

The research shows that there is an audience that would enjoy and benefit from such characteristics: 1.23 M Pop Warner Scholars.

Unfortunately, 62% of parents say that video games do not affect their children one way or the other, compared with 13% of parents who say that video games have a negative influence on their children and 19% that say video games have a positive impact.





Madden: it’s more than a video game. It’s a learning tool.

The strategy

We want to talk to youth football players’ parents and remind them that Madden is as important as the helmet and the playbook. We want parents to change the perspective on Madden and to start thinking that Madden will help improve their kid’s performances in the field.