Qualitative research
Meeting with client 
Market research

The status quo

Peachcap is the disruptor of traditional financial services.

Peachcap believes in contributing to a greater cause through positive money impact by providing uber rich services to main street Financial Advisors and their clients. Besides being a disruptor, Peachcap also the new kid on the block and wants to establish trust and credibility among Financial Advisor to attract new investors. They also combine Investment Intelligence, Tax Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence. 


The ask

A campaign that talks to advisors in the city of Atlanta and New York and screams that Peachcap is the perfect partner to reach success.


The research

When interviewing FAs, we discovered that "Confidence" is the skill they need to deal with their clients. Confidence comes from knowledge of the industry and understanding of the clients. Since each client is unique, to be successful, they must understand what clients feel.




Financial advisors need emotional intelligence

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Every financial conversation is emotional.


Given that client's financial decision are emotional, we remind financial advisor that their success is contingent upon their ability to be emotionally intelligent and Peachcap is key to their success.



The execution