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The company

Redbox is a DVD, gaming, and online streaming service with over 40,000 kiosks around the country, all conveniently located at gas stations, grocery stores, and wherever people are on a daily basis. They carry the newest movie and game releases out of any of the streaming services (Netflix, Hulu) and costs $1.5 a day.



Competitive analysis

Redbox is the only service that offers new releases in DVD form and at the lowest price.  On the one hand, you have the streaming competitors (Netflix, Hulu) who require a membership. Amazon Prime has more new releases, but they are significantly more expensive.  On the other hand, you have movie theatres, which offer new releases too but are increasingly expensive and inconvenient.

Status quo

Redbox is part of a dying industry – no one watches DVDs or even owns DVD players anymore.  However, Redbox has a leg-up with its ability to provide newest releases. It has a consistent presence, especially in areas without tons of entertainment- for example, rural and prairie areas. Redbox is still regularly used by a variety of audiences in those areas- youth, families, seniors.


Instant streaming services have become very commonplace. For many people, it’s what you do when you’re bored. Redbox is in the white space between instant streaming services and movie theatres- position Redbox as the best opportunity to have a special time without significant cost or planning or time.


Redbox is in the white space between instant streaming services and movie theatres

Strategic Thought

Revolutionizing Date Night 

Position Redbox as the PERFECT way to show you care about your partner, parent, close one while also remaining convenient and inexpensive. Redbox is in the unique white space of being more than the “I don’t have anything better to do right now” instant entertainment with Netflix, but also not expensive or inconvenient like going to the movies. By choosing a Redbox movie or game for or with your family, friend, lover, you can show you put thought into date-night and watch something special, instead of the boring everyday option (not cool) or movie theatre trips (who has time for that!)




The way we show we care looks different in a culture of convenience. Show you care- with Redbox.